Malouf Zoned Dough CBD Oil Pillow

Emergency Mattress Liquidation


CBD has been known to help with restlessness, pain, and stress—which all affect your sleep. Seek out total comfort and contouring relief with our Zoned Dough™ pillow infused with natural CBD oil and a soothing sage scent.

  • Pure CBD infusion can promote deeper and more restorative sleep
  • Includes 4 mL spritzer of pure, organically grown CBD oil to be sprayed on the pillowcase
  • Our exclusive Dough™ memory foam formula is exceptionally soft and offers premium support
  • 100 percent pure cotton cover allows airflow and access to CBD oil and soothing Clary Sage scent
  • Zoned Technology™ features zones of larger and smaller holes to offer the right amount of support for your head and neck, plus increase ventilation