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Although the DreamWave is similar in appearance to the previous generation Sogno DreamWave, retaining its award-winning design and legendary Japanese manufacturing quality, the enhancements and upgrades push this chair into its own category.

As you slip into the DreamWave massage chair, you feel it envelop your entire body in comfort and repose. The DreamWave maximizes relaxation by covering more area than any other chair on the market – 1,200 square inches.


The DreamWave delivers full-body massage, proven to help maximize relief and remove tension and stiffness. Using Inada’s proprietary shiatsu point detection technology, your massage begins with a body scan so the DreamWave can adapt to your individual needs. Then as your session begins, you are transported through a massage experience that can only be described as transcendent.

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Inada DreamWave Massage Chair

All of Inada’s industry leadership and innovation has been leading to this. Introducing the DreamWave® by Inada, culminating years of research, testing, and uncompromising attention to detail and design.

One look and it’s clear that you have never laid eyes on anything quite like the Inada DreamWave massage chair. After just one session, you will feel how completely different and luxurious the DreamWave is compared to any other massage chair.

The DreamWave massage chair has been designed to enhance natural healing and wellness through the healing power of shiatsu massage and impeccable Japanese quality and design. The result is a massage chair experience that optimally enhances health and well-being while reducing stress. It’s all part of what makes Inada the World’s Best Massage Chair®.

With 16 pre-programmed massage sessions—more than any other massage chair—as well as deep relaxation options for a deeper massage and heating options, the DreamWave can be completely customized to create your perfect massage.

The DreamWave massage chair is also backed by the best massage chair warranty available, supported by a nationwide team of technicians.


Brio is the stunning culmination of over two years of careful development and research by the experts at Positive Posture. This exceptional chair offers a massage experience normally found in much higher-priced luxury models. Brio’s transitional styling makes it a visually pleasing addition to any room from traditional to modern. The space saving, wall hugging capability offers you the flexibility to place Brio anywhere in your home. In addition to beautiful design, the Brio offers extraordinary massage capabilities. Sit down, choose a massage program, and take yourself on a serene journey to a place of deep relaxation and total escape. Brio is packed with features including foot rollers, True Zero Gravity®


Conceived, engineered, and built to bring a lifelike luxury massage experience to the comfort of your home, the MA73 is the next evolution of Panasonic’s RealPro Ultra 3D mechanism. This versatile chair is creatively designed to function as a recliner while also providing a professional massage experience with its hideaway leg rest and arm massage units. With an updated Real Pro 3D Ultra Prestige engine, the MA73 expands on the success of the MA70 by increasing the number of automatic massage and stretching programs, doubling the number of massage movements, and upgrading to dual-zone arm kneading. Another enhancement you’ll find are the ceramic foot heaters which incorporate relaxing warmth into the reflexology treatments. Precision body scanning technology measures over 1000 acupoints in addition to utilizing an improved pressure detection system to tailor the experience to you. Choose any of the expertly choreographed automatic sessions and indulge in pure bliss as heated rollers, ultra-kneading and full body air cell coverage work in concert to provide an all-encompassing experience. This chair exceeds all expectations of what a luxury massage chair can be.

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